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Office of The Academics Officer

This directorate is responsible for the planning, developing, organizing, directing, executing and evaluating broad academic programs, policies, procedures and guide lines for the institution. It is also involved in the provision of overall leadership, direction and control in all academic areas which includes, curriculum development, curriculum delivery, curriculum monitoring and evaluating, student assessment and grading etc.

The directorate also reviews academic programs and implementation of  board’s policies and procedures relating to academics. The directorate mainly determines the means, methods and resources necessary to achieve academic goals and objectives.

The overseeing of faculty appointments, promotion, training, recommendation, allocation, supervision, coordinating, monitoring, evaluation, wellbeing, etc. are also the responsibility of the directorate. The head of directorate serves as the chief academic advisor to the Rector on all academic issues and also plans and coordinate schedules, schemes of works etc. needed for the smooth execution of academic policies. Finally, he also recommends budget proposals and allocation and re-allocation of funds, resources concerning academic. He designs strategies out of the academic policies and supervises the tactics to executes these academic policies through the heads of departments and their faculty members of the various departments.

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