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Office of The Dean

The office of the Dean of Students serves a central role in the student learning, student life, students experience and student development at GHTUC, the directorate provides Student Support Services (SSS) to students, from their time of enrollment, orientation, matriculation, residential life, graduation etc, immediately students are admitted by the registry, the directorate supervises the general orientation of the students and the formal induction of student into the institution (Matriculation) and also responsible for the entire stay of students on campus, attachment and placement, graduation, career guidance services and alumni coordination.

   The directorate creates opportunities for students to explore their talents and potentials in a conducive learning environment, it also provides critical support structure for enriching the overall student experience on campus. It also promotes an environment that encourages intellectual exchange and individual expression through mentoring, counseling, exchange programs, chaplaincy services through chaplaincy board, granting student permissions, ensuring orderly organization of student’s activities and other extra curricular activities.

The director of student affairs (Dean of Students) advices the Rector on all student related issues, he supervises all student related activities and directly oversees all SRC activities, clubs and societies, student welfare, student concerns and other student related functions.

      The dean of students represents student’s concern and interest on management board and works closely with the student council to articulate students needs to administration and also represent managements interest on students functions, programs, activities and committees.

Specifically, he

  • Provides general assistance to student who have concerns and act as point of contact for student who want talk about student related issues.
  • Is responsible for the formulation and review of policies directly related to students.
  • Advices and updates students on management decisions on student related issues and vice versa.
  • Responsible for counselling and placement of students
  • Responsible for the resolution of conflict between students and their collegues, faculty etc
  • Ensure quality student life on campus and even outside campus
  • Ensure and maintain cordial relationship among various student groups and the student body as a whole
  • Ensure the orderly organization of student activities within the university
  • Provides leadership and guidance to all bodies and activities that promotes the well-being of students of the university including SRC and clubs and societies
  • Also oversees the formation of students’ associations
  • Develop extra-curricular actives to enhance the experience of students on campus
  • Encourage students to participate in activities that promotes student’s growth and academic development.
  • Ensuring that students conforms to school rules and regulations
  • Ensuring that any disciplinary actions imposed on any student (s) by the recognized authority of the university are complied with
  • Aiding student to obtain permissions for shooting
  • Represent student concern and advocate for student for student rights on the management board.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties us assign.

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