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Office of The Registrar

The registrar is the head of the school’s administration and he is the Director of Administration of GH Schools who is responsible for the day to day running of the school on behalf of the Rector and for management. He also serves as the secretary to the College’s governing council. His main role is to perform senior administrative and managerial roles on behalf of the college’s management and the Rectorate. The specific responsibilities of the registrar is as follows;

  1. He opens admissions and registration for the intake of new students
  2. He supervises and monitors the admission and registration process
  3. He officially admits students
  4. He supervises the orientation of the admitted students through the dean.
  5. He officially matriculates the students
  6. He is the custodian of academic records, student’s records and supervises class enrollment, class schedules and timetable administration.
  7. Supervises the adherence of the academic calendar
  8. Maintains class lot and make it available to lecturers
  9. He also co-ordinates the activities of all departments and organizes their week celebrations
  10. He is responsible for keeping and publishing students grades and marks.
  11. Prepares students transcripts and resolves issues relating to academic records
  12. Determines and update college policies and ensures the adherence of these policies.
  13. Interprets and implements the rules and regulations of the college
  14. Supervises disciplinary process and enforce disciplinary actions emitted to students who flaunt school rules and regulations
  15. Responsible for the preparations and updating of college’s catalogue, statues, prospectus, student’s handbook and other school’s publications.
  16. Co-ordinates and performs activities relating to students referrals, deferrals, withdrawals, exemptions, suspensions, dismissals
  17. Coordinates college registration activities, accreditation, affiliation and other regulating requirements.
  18. Complies information on graduation requirement for publication in school bulleting and catalogs
  19. Determines students’ graduation eligibility and publish list of eligible students
  20. Graduates students after completion of their cause and meeting all graduation requirements
  21. Serves as secretary to the governing council and academic board
  22. Performs other duties as may be assigned him by management and the rector.

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