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The management board is an adhoc board whose professional membership is drawn from the pool of the HOD’s. This board is a key decision-making entity within the schools that had meetings sometimes, bi-weekly on issues that border on the day to day affairs of the schools and intermittently deliberate on pragmatic consultative decisions upon the furnishing of major progressive and other informal reports from the Head of Departments, the board peruses those details with dispatch, which are feasible for discussions, brainstorming a critique and finally making their findings, recommendations and conclusions a working reality for the upgrade of the school.

One uncontestable fact about GH Schools Management Board is, they institute calculated inquisitions into every facilitator’s stewardship, and this puts all of them on their toes.


The school shall be managed by a School Management Board chaired by the Rector on behalf of the Chancellor. The board shall be represented by all sectors of the institution. It shall consist of;
1.    The Chancellor (Ceremonial)
2.    The Rector (Administrative)
3.    The Deputy Rectors
4.    Heads of Schools
5.    Director of Administration (Registrar)
6.    Director of Students Affairs (Dean)
7.    Director of Finance
8.    Director of Academics
9.    Director of Productions
10.    Director of Marketing
11.    Director of Legal Affairs
12.    Director of Communications
13.    Director of Human Resource
14.    Director of Estates & Properties


Management Board

        The school shall be managed by a School Management Board chaired by the Rector on behalf of the Chancellor. The board shall be represented by all sectors of the institution. It shall consist of;

  1. The Chancellor (Ceremonial)
  2. The Rector (Administrative)
  3. The Deputy Rectors
  4. Heads of Schools
  5. Director of Administration (Registrar)
  6. Director of Students Affairs (Dean)
  7. Director of Finance
  8. Director of Academics
  9. Director of Productions
  10. Director of Marketing
  11. Director of Legal Affairs
  12. Director of Communications
  13. Director of Human Resource
  14.  Director of Estates & Properties


Head of Schools

The head of the school is appointed by the Rector in consultation with management board and he or she is formally accountable to the Rector and the management board. The head of school is responsible for the effective general management of the school, its departments, faculty and students, ensuring the provision of academic leadership and strategic vision. He/she is responsible for the quality of student’s experience in the school. He/she oversees the planning and development of strategies for the school, engaging heads of department, faculty and students, ensuring quality teaching and facilitation, reviewing performance of the entire school in terms of its objectives as stated in the strategic plan and managing and monitoring of the school.

He/she is also responsible for the appointment of HOD and faculty, allocating duties, approving activities and schedules of the school, creating a supportive working environment for staff and students, and ensuring general discipline in the school.

The head of the school is to promote excellence and improvement in all matters of teaching, learning, projects, practicals and general administration. They supervise examinations (assessments) marking, grading and publication of results, and also develop and maintain quality assurance processes.

Other responsibilities include, representing the school on general committees, management and vice versa, ensuring safety and security within the school, implementing decision of management board within the schools, coordination of departmental projects, budgeting, procurement, allocation of resources and any other duties as may be assigned by the rector


The Registrar

The Registrar is the head of the school’s administration and he is the Director of Administration of GH Schools, who is responsible for the day to day running of the school on behalf of the Rector and for management. He also serves as the secretary to the College’s governing council, academic board and all boards and standing commitees. His main role is to perform senior administrative and managerial roles on behalf of the college’s management and the Rectorate. 

 The institution is governed and run on the basis of policy desicions made by the various statutory bodies ie. universitycouncil and management board, within the framework of the statutes. The Registrar does not determine policies, but once policy decisions have been taken by these bodies, it is his or her duty to ensure that they are implemented and supervised to achieve the stated aim. He/she ensures that all commitees, officers, members, staff and students are aware of relevant regulations policy guidelines on issues that may arise.  



 Students Affairs Directorate

The office of the Dean of Students serves a central role in the student learning, student life, students experience and student development at GHTUC, the directorate provides Student Support Services (SSS) to students, from their time of enrollment, orientation, matriculation, residential life, graduation etc, immediately students are admitted by the registry, the directorate supervises the general orientation of the students and the formal induction of student into the institution (Matriculation) and also responsible for the entire stay of students on campus, attachment and placement, graduation, career guidance services and alumni coordination.

The directorate creates opportunities for students to explore their talents and potentials in a conducive learning environment, it also provides critical support structure for enriching the overall student experience on campus. It also promotes an environment that encourages intellectual exchange and individual expression through mentoring, counseling, exchange programs, chaplaincy services through chaplaincy board, granting student permissions, ensuring orderly organization of student’s activities and other extra curricular activities. 

The director of student affairs (Dean of Students) advices the Rector on all student related issues, he supervises all student related activities and directly oversees all SRC activities, clubs and societies, student welfare, student concerns and other student related functions.   

The dean of students represents student’s concern and interest on management board and works closely with the student council to articulate students needs to administration and also represent managements interest on students functions, programs, activities and committees.


Academic Affairs Directorate

This directorate is responsible for the planning, developing, organizing, directing, executing and evaluating broad academic programs, policies, procedures and guide lines for the institution. It is also involved in the provision of overall leadership, direction and control in all academic areas which includes, curriculum development, curriculum delivery, curriculum monitoring and evaluating, student assessment and grading etc. 

The directorate also reviews academic programs and implementation of  board’s policies and procedures relating to academics. The directorate mainly determines the means, methods and resources necessary to achieve academic goals and objectives.

The overseeing of faculty appointments, promotion, training, recommendation, allocation, supervision, coordinating, monitoring, evaluation, wellbeing, etc. are also the responsibility of the directorate. The head of directorate serves as the chief academic advisor to the Rector on all academic issues and also plans and coordinate schedules, schemes of works etc. needed for the smooth execution of academic policies.

Finally, he also recommends budget proposals and allocation and re-allocation of funds, resources concerning academic. He designs strategies out of the academic policies and supervises the tactics to executes these academic policies through the heads of departments and their faculty members of the various departments.


Students Production Directorate 

The directorate of student production is responsible for the planning, co-ordinating and supervising all student production. This involves the acquisition of the necessary resources and equipment required for student production and maintain these equipment, allocating these equipment and resources and constantly monitoring and supervising these productions.

The directorate also takes change of all studio and workshops for production, these includes the TV Studio, Gallery (MCR), Radio Studios, Editing Suit, Lighting Room, Sound Studio etc. 

Student productions are very vital to our practical training and the head of the directorate is responsible for developing broad policies to manage the directorate and also generate operational and tactical strategies, produces and guideline out of the broad policies of management, for the achievement of the overall universities vision.

The directorate of student productions plans, organizes and coordinate production schedules, oversees the production of student projects and also responsible for the production of all the schools productions. It also ensures that health and safety regulations are met in all the various studio and other production areas.


Finance Directorate

The finance directorate is responsible for the university’s financial health. The directorate combines operational and strategic roles, manages accounting and financial strategy for the profitability, sustenance and growth of the institution. He generally ascertains the cost of student training and develop strategies to collect fees (mobilize funds).  He sees to the disbursement of the fund and payment of all expense, ensures effective controls and development of best practices, supervises all procurement and purchase, minimize bad debt and ensures profitability of the institution.

The directorate is headed by the director of finance who is the chief adviser to the rector and management on financial issues. He is responsible for the implementation of financial policies, budgeting, managing risk, reporting on revenue, disbursing of funds to departments, allocation of financial resources, training account staff and overseeing all financial activities of the institution. He is to oversee internal controls, setting of financial targets, engaging with financial investors, developing financial strategies, monitoring expenditure and cash flow, evaluating investments, paying of salaries and enhancing investor confidence which typically includes planning, organizing, strategizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling of the institution’s finances. He also ensures that the institution’s financial systems are robust and meets all regulatory requirement of all statutory bodies.


Marketing Directorate

The marketing directorate is the custodian and promoter of the brand. The directorate plays a vital role in also promoting the brand’s mission and vision and projecting its virtues. The directorate is responsible for communicating the brand promise and ensuring that the brand’s experience commensurate the brand value. The directorate is responsible for coordinating and producing all marketing materials and communication that represents the institution. It is mainly responsible for examining proposals, sponsorships and advice management on marketing related activities. This outfit is to reach out to prospective students, investors and/or the community while creating an overarching image that represents the institution in a positive light.   

The directorate is headed by a director who is responsible for the development of strategies and tactics out of the broad management policies that will serve the mission and vision of the institution. He is responsible for defining and managing the brand, conducting campaigns and initiating marketing activities that will promote and project the brand. He is responsible for all marketing communications and other promotional and publicity materials, He is also responsible for understanding target market and develop suitable strategies to serve the market. Also, he monitors competition and competitor reaction. that serves as media liaison and overseeing all external stakeholders. He is responsible for internal communication and visibility. He is also responsible for managing and monitoring all media communications on television, radio, print and also social media platforms.       

Lastly, he is responsible for conducting customer and marketing research and advice the rector and its management on marketing and brand related issues. He is directly responsible for the school’s portal, websites, magazines, newsletters, exhibitions, seminars and events.


Communication Directorate

 The communication directorate is responsible for the creation, managing, directing and supervising the institution's internal and external communications. The directorate cordinates and supervises the communication and PR staff, creating broad communication plan, mapping communication strategie and implementing these strategies to ensure cordiality between the school and its internal and external stakeholders.    

The commonication directorate is responsible for building and maitaining the institutions corporate image and relationship with key stakeholders. Its duty cuts accros Public Relations, Media Relations, International Relations, Community Relations, etc. The directorate manages the overall brand image and reputation of the institution by crating and manageing press releases, press conferences, marketing and promotional materials and compain, develop publications, newlerters, online potal etc. 

The directorate is headed by a director whose main duty is to present the institution to the public, media, staff, students, the community and other stakeholders in the best light possible, using writing, photography, videography, presentations and other media related skills.  The director also serves as the public relations officer of the institution, in other words, he is the spokesperson and the media liason of the institution. 


Human Resourse Directorate

 The Human resouse directorate is responsible for the for the strategic management and development of the institutions human capital. 



Estate And Properties 

The estate department is in charge of the upkeep of the entire institution. They oversee property management in terms of researching and planning what property of facility is needed, processing and assisting its purchase and acquisition, monitoring and supervising the usage of the property/facility, working out or carrying regular maintenance of the facility and ensuring that they are always in good condition. 

The directorate is in charge of all work spaces and learning areas including the offices, lecture theatre, classrooms, studio, workshops, hostel, compound and its surroundings. They control properties like studio equipment, office equipment, office furniture, tools, machinery etc. 

The estate manager is responsible for the facility acquisition and purchase of asset, creating an inventory of asset, planning the effective scheduling of asset usage, planning and execute routine maintenance of the assets, monitoring assert usage and supervising assets storage for future use. 

He is directly responsible for screening and overseeing outside vendors, contractors, construction projects, maintenance of grounds, scheduling of staff and student events, lecture hall preparation, routine maintenance, sanitation, safety.

He is responsible for creating a conducive environment for staff and students and make all properties and facilities accessible to staff and students for the smooth running of the institution. He advices the rector on safety, security, property related issues for policy formation.  

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