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GH Media School graduates 270 in it's 6th and 7th cohort


GH Media School graduates 270 in it's 6th and 7th cohort

The GH Media School has graduated 129 students for the sixth cohort and 141 students for the seventh cohort in its fifth graduation ceremony held in Accra.

The graduates offered a one year certificate and two-year diploma programs in Integrated Marketing Communications, Media Arts, Television and Film Production, and Journalism and Media Studies.

Graduates were given academic awards in courses such as Television and Radio Presenting, Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism, Media Law and Marketing, Public Relations, and International Business Communications.

Others were Advertising, Production Management, Television, and Radio Production and Editing, Camera and Light Operations, Sound Production, Animation, Professional Acting, and Makeup and Special Effects.

Some graduates also received awards under special non-academic recognitions such as Best Dressed Students, Well Behaved Students, Most Enterprising Students, Most Devoted Students and Most Visionary and Leadership Students.

Under the sixth cohort, Ms. Esther Owusu, emerged the overall Best Student while Ms. Grace Odonkor Ofori was adjudged the overall best student under the seventh cohort.

The School also used the ceremony to commission its newly built 80-seater Editing Suite to offer students the chance to learn comprehensively on how to edit stories.

Mr. Leslie Addo Listowel, the Rector of the School told the graduates to go into the journalism field and prove their competency, competitive spirit and relevance as what would keep them was their relevance.

He said there were workers without accolades or big certificates who were excelling on the job market because of their competency while others with big certificates and fewer competencies were jobless.

He, therefore, asked them not to underrate the skills they had been given in the School but go and use it to excel in the field.

“Don’t go and show off in the industry and don’t go to teach them what to do or behave as if you know all, instead, go and learn,” Mr. Listowell told the graduates.

The Rector urged them to eliminate the words, “I can’t do” from their dictionary, adding that, they shouldn’t expose their ignorance but do well to ask questions if they didn’t know something.

He reiterated that 99 percent of failure comes from people who always gave excuses and asked the graduates to always be willing to undertake a task on the field.

Ms. Owusu, in a speech delivered on behalf of the graduates, expressed gratitude to School’s authorities for their strictness to ensure that the students were committed to their studies.

The strictness, she said, made them disciplined and successful in academia and other areas.

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