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Office of the Chancellor






The Chancellery is not only a ceremonial arrow-head, but an office of dignified records of accomplishments. This Office (headed by a captain of industry and a celebrated man of God), is a prominent pivotal body that has an extensive oversight responsibility on the entire administrative agenda and structure. As the Chair to initiate students into the practical world, it occasionally relays advisory initiatives which trickle down for onward and outward implementation.

In order not to depart from the practice-directives of our rules of engagements; the chancellery comes in handy to streamline, the roles of the other echelons at the helm of affairs at all times, it mediates and plays the advisory role.








Dr Kofi Osei-Kusi is a philanthropist, international keynote speaker, corporate trainer and author who has dedicated his life to youth development. He was the winner of the Foundation Philanthropist of the Year 2017 award at the National Philanthropy Awards in Ghana; the winner of the prestigious SME Ghana High Impact Personality Award in 2016; the winner of the African Youth Special Recognitions Award in 2016, and was voted by the Young Professionals and Youth Coalition of Ghana (YPYC) in 2015 as the Young Professional Role Model in youth development and empowerment. For three consecutive years, he has been shortlisted as one of 30 Heroes of Change by the MTN Ghana Foundation.

He serves as Global CEO of the Osei-Kusi Foundation (OKF), which is an award-winning foundation with headquarters in the USA, providing mentoring, coaching, scholarships, leadership and rural outreaches to support the youth population in Africa. He is the Chancellor of GH Media School, Chairman of the African Youth Philanthropy Forum of Ghana, and serves on the board of several organizations. He has a spontaneous gift and flair with young people, which together create an unforgettable experience for his audience, all of whom he encourages to rise to their full potential. For more than two decades, he has been involved in the training and raising of hundreds of leaders through leadership seminars, training programmes and one-to-one coaching, as well as through his personal development books.  

Dr Osei-Kusi travels internationally as a keynote speaker, delivering motivational talks, serving as a corporate trainer of over 100 organizations, and facilitating conferences in the USA, UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Mexico, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. He has authored 18 personal development books and is a regular guest on television and radio talk shows. He lives in Accra, Ghana, and is happily married to Jackie with four lively children.



At Gh Media School, a Chancellor shall be nominated by the Board of Directors. The office shall be held by a distinguished individual, from academia or public life. The chancellor shall be executed head of the institution vested with the responsibility of administering board policies under the coordinating direction of the Rector. He shall act as the ceremonial head of the institution and vest his power in the Rector to act in his stead as the head  administrative head.

  • The Chancellor shall head the governance of the university
  • The Chancellor chairs the university governing body (university council)
  • The Chancellor shall preside over major ceremonies of the school (matriculation, graduation, etc)
  • He will be responsible under the statue of adjudicating in certain dispute among management members.
  • He shall guide and manage every management member through the Rector.
  • The Chancellor shall represent the college at major official functions.
  • Regularly review and improve the various department through the rector, registrar, management and departmental heads
  • The Chancellor provides expert advice to Council and direction to management through the Rector, he provides / performs governance through the council and leadership through management.
  • He may sit or delegate people to participate in the selection of university appointment.
  • Directly supervises management through the Rector
  • Manage the university management board and other boards through the Rector
  • He shall be the chief quality control agent who will supervise quality through the Rector
  • The Chancellor shall periodically appraise the works of all department and sectors of the university.
  • The Chancellor shall have sanctioning powers over the Rector and Management members.
  • The Chancellor shall set long term, short term and medium term targets and supervise Management through the Rector in the achievement of the set target.
  • He shall be directly responsible to the Board of Directors of the institution.



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