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Program & Fee Structure






All admitted students are required to pay one-time a non-refundable admission fee to secure their admission. This fee is paid upon the receipt of the students admission letter, the admission fee must be paid within 14 days, upon receipt of the admission letter, to enable the student to secure the admission slot. Studets are given student numbers to enable them proceed with their admission process.  


Students will be requred to pay 50% of their fees before registration, 70% of the school fees will be required befor the middle of the semester, students are given 70% fee card and this enables them to write their mid-semester examinations. Before the end of the semester, students are required to pay 100% of their fees and are given FULL FEES CARDS this allows them to participate in the END OF SEMESTER EXAMINATION. Students without 70% FEES CARD and FULL FEES CARD are not allowwed to write their mid-semester exams and end of semester exams respectively


In this school there is relatively, absolute convenience in fees payments, more so, when a student has patent encumbrances with payment commitments, he/she upon prior deliberations with the finance office, be hooked onto the Flex-digital-Accounts payment option – where parts of ones fees are agreeably paid to the school on instalment bases. These is only one authority for fees collections. Lecture sessions are at the pleasure and academic convenience of both lecturers (whether part-time or full time) and the registered bonafide students. The most important part of education is to learn to use your abilities to change your world; and GH Schools is solely committed to this privileged vision.



Admission Forms - 100 Cedis

Admission Fees - 500 Cedis

School Fees Per Semester - 1,750 Cedis

SRC Dues Per Semester - 50 Cedis

Matriculation Fee - Free

School Lacoste - Free

School Apron - Free

Crew Jacket - Free


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